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Lvl 1-20

gate of alker.
its very easy.
just kill slimes,king slimes,and high turtles till ur lvl 20
(If ur a mage class.. kill the fungus rook..it drops a blue wand for u to use : D)

and if u can handle the boss here kusku the fungus boss. he drops a red 1-hand sword

then go into alker harbor then change job.
open all ur boxes and wear all the chicken costume. it gives you a good 5% pdef/pattack
buy all the buff potions on tasartia. buy 20% exp scroll and scroll save..use them all
the gold u looted from gate of alker should suffice with all of this

Lvl 20-30 or 20-35

go to zakandia.
kill the bears here. with ur buff potions this would be easy.

and try to look for the bear boss. he drops a blue belt (bear leather belt)

then kill some golems at the bottom of the map.exp will fly by at this rate.

Lvl 35-40

go to moonblind swamp

kill the yellow golems

and if u can handle the black gargoyle boss..he drops a red belt (belt of darkness)..good for mages : D
now ur lvl 40. u can change job again.

Lvl 40-50

go to the way to howling ravine

kill the basilisks. they drop a holyove..a blue wand

then kill some giants for faster exp : D
well I can lvl till 55 here with giants

Lvl 50-60

go to howling ravine

the gold loot here is good.
kill the harpy,basilisk and all monsters u encounter : D
btw I forgot,buy a lvl 50 weapon and lvl 50 gears..enchant it to +7 for more damage and defence

u can kill the boss here..named latou he drops cruel butcher a red two handed axe

Lvl 60-65

go to howling ravine cave

its just on the opening part of the map..
kill those basilisks till ur 65 or more.then go deeper the cave

look for the ogres..if u can solo them..good..but if u cant..look for a party!
uhm..so many set armors here that I cant say them all..try to kill all the monsters here and they drop set armors : D

or u can go to dried gazelle fall..kill the treasure chest monsters and the macho-ghost monsters (forgot their name XD) beware of the long ranged red monsters (sorry forgot their names too) they hit hard

Lvl 65-75

just like above.. kill all the monsters u encounter at howling ravine cave.

or u can go to howling ravine cave 2.
the monsters hits harder but better exp
boom! ur lvl 75. time for a change job!

Lvl 75

U can go to howling ravine cave 2..its good exp till 80-82
and yeah..u can get set items from monsters here too

Lvl 80

go to valley of fairies.

kill the flower monsters.
if the exp isnt enough for you.
go deeper.

(kill the treent and elder treent if ur a mage class) they give really good exp..but if ur physical attack character.
uhm. they are hard to kill

go deeper the map and look for kentauros monster. they give nice exp..but they have really high hp

and uhm..always DD (dungeon date)

Lvl 90! yey!

go to ghost-tree swamp
well this map is the poor man's naila harbor. (coz this map is like mini version of naila harbor. coz of gold drop and loots)

go deeper into the map.
look for the horse monsters
they give really good gold and they drop a helm that has 15 int. and one that has 10 dex and one that has 10 str. (I dunno if that is accurate)
and they drop wiesel and harmels..which are useful if u like crafting armors and weapons

at this map..ur patience and grinding skills will be tested.

Lvl 100+

go to naila harbor
yey! since the server was wiped-out.
its kinda hard to train at this map
but this map has the best loots,gold drop,and rare item drops.

u can go solo or party ..its ur choice.

the lvl 100 pirate dude..drops advanced knife a red dagger. really good for rogues

the lvl 105 pirate dude drops aias shield a blue shield with good defence stat

black beard morgan(boss) drops magnum blade i think its color is white. titan's
magnumblade a green 1 hand sword..its like a magnum blade but with a +20 str stat

my favorite boss. kynee!..uhm mean..one-eyed wookiss
he drops kynee a red helm with stealth skill
and golden axe a red 2-handed axe : D

I forgot who drops these:
death mask
barbarian belt
and a mace that has 20 vit..forgot its name

uhm u can farm/train here till 112..the exp is good
and if ur lucky and u got those items..I will gladly accepts ur donations : D lol joke
and btw..lvl 105 is change job time : D go to naila village and talk to cindamook

Lvl 112+
go to graveyard of the knights

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